Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Tyler Ward and Julia Sheer Uncovered!!!

Tyler Ward and Julia Sheer are two of YouTubes latest musical phenomenons.

Ward has almost reached 100,000 upload views and with Sheer as his new sidekick is certain to send that skyrocketing with rumors of their budding romace!

BUT WE CAN EXCLUSIVLEY REVEAL HERE that they are not an item, AND THAT JULIA SHEER IS NOT HER REAL NAME!!! It is in fact Julia Shearer!

Julia is currently in a relationship with boyfriend of 7 months Jimmy Audiss, who studies business at Arizona State University, seen here:  

 Jimmy has been featured in a number of Julias videos.

Tyler has been with his grilfriend Krista Van Allen since 2001 and she studies Biology and Education at the University of Northern Colorado. Krista and Ward are childhood sweethearts and she has been featured in many of Wards uploads, even having her own YouTube account, check them out together in the video above!

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